Xbox Press Conference Summary and Liveblog Archive

OmniGamer held an up-to-the-minute live-blog on the Xbox Press Conference on June 13 at 9:30AM (12:30 PM ET). And yes the new Xbox One S was revealed. Slimmer, sleeker, sharper and smaller it can have up to a 2TB internal HDD. With 6 Teraflops of computing capability can handle 4K resolution. It has 8 CPU cores and over 320 Gigabytes per second memory bandwidth. They aimed for the highest resolution and the best frame rates. The can render at 60 hertz and fully uncompressed pixels.

And in case you want a fancy controller to go with that device, and still have money left over, the wireless controllers can be customed color designed. They can even be personalized with text. With 8 million combinations it can be designed here. Or if you really want to splurge, they created a limited edition Gears of War 4 controller. And with Microsoft’s “Play Anywhere” program players can purchase one and switch between PC and Xbox.

With their new hardware in mind, they had quite a line up. Forza Horizon 3 took to Australia with their largest car roster yet. It has kangaroos, crystal clear waters, lush greenery and a stunning day / night cycle. The game will launch September 27, 2016.

Next, we saw robot puppies and spiders in Re Core. The game takes place in the distant future. They introduced the characters, Joule, Seth, Ducan and Mack in a fun gameplay trailer. However, they also showed two robots at the end of the trailer that went unnamed. Will we hear more about them in the future? The game will launch September 13, 2016. After this Xbox announced Xbox Clubs, Arena, and “Looking for Group”.

We heard more about Minecraft and how platforms will interconnect. They called it “The Friendly Update”. We also got to see it used on VR. A free 30 Day trial of “Realms” is available on PC and Pocket Edition. They’ll also be introducing new texture packs to Pocket Edition.

We Happy Few introduced with a quote from Leo Tolstoy “Happy people have no history.” They show the protagonist as he “restores” news by erasing it. Until he comes across an article that we can only imagine involves him and his brother and he has a flashback to a memory of them getting separated at a train station. The player is given the option not to take their “Joy” pills and when they stop they are hunted for becoming “downers”. On July 26 it will be available on Xbox Preview.

Viewers saw a gameplay video of Sea of Thieves and it was not taken seriously. It looked rather comical. I suppose that’s what happens when you make three new crews and give them no tutorial. We watched them get their pirates intoxicated, bomb one another, and sink their ships. Clearly that was not much of a success.

They also taunted us with a trailer of lovely indies which they told us very little about. These included Cuphead by Studio MDHR, Outlast by Red Barrels, Deliver us The Moon by KeokeN Interactive, Flint Hook by Tribute, FAR by Mr. Whale’s Game Service, Slime Rancher by Monomi Park, Shadow Tactics by Mimimi Productions, Figment by Bedtime Digital Games, The Culling by Xaviant, For The King by IornOak Games, Beacon by Monothetic, Stardew Valley by Chucklefish, Hand of Fate 2 by Defiant Development, Below by Capabyra Games, Raiders by MercurySteam, Bloodstain Ritual of The Night by Artplay, Yooka Laylee by Playtonic, and Everspace by Rockfish Games.


The staff at Omnigamer would like to thank those who followed our liveblog during the event and for those who were unable to follow along you are invited to check out our archive below. For more highlights of the event, you can check out the video below.

Caraline Nelson is OmniGamer’s Editor in Chief. When she is not correcting typos she can be found drawing fanart of the games she is playing.

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