WWE 2K17 Cover Star Revealed

The annual WWE game is on its way to store shelves and gaming platforms and, like its other sports game brethren, a cover star has been announced. While in previous years, the athlete gracing the cover of WWE 2K-insert-year-here hasn’t made much of a ripple outside of fans of sports entertainment, this year is different. This year’s cover sports the image of former UFC Heavyweight Champion and confirmed UFC 200 participant Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar, also a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling champion, is probably WWE’s most recognizable star – even eclipsing current “face of the company” John Cena. Lesnar made headlines in the mainstream sports media when he decided to resign with the WWE prior to WrestleMania 31 rather than return to UFC. Previously, he had retired from MMA after two serious bouts of diverticulitis led him to retire from the sport. While Lesnar’s inclusion in WWE 2K17 is a big selling point, it’s not the only one. Those who preorder the title — scheduled for release this October on current and next-gen Microsoft and Sony consoles, as well as PC – will get to play as Lesnar’s infamous WrestleMania XX opponent, former WCW World Champion Goldberg.

The upcoming game is by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts will be published by 2K Sports and should be hitting the shelves on October 11. The game is set to come out on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It will be the eighteenth installment in the WWE games series, and the fourth “WWE 2K” title. He joins The Rock, John Cena, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin as one of WWE 2K featured stars. He joins the playable cast announced at E3 including John Cena, Sasha Banks and WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior.
The games rating is still pending.

Feel free to check out the announcement trailer below:

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