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Here at OmniGamer.com we pride ourselves in being an OmniDirectional view of the game industry. We work and play together across states and (for some of us) across entire continents to bring our viewers the very best in gaming news, editorials and reviews. As such, we are currently looking for more dedicated gamers to join our staff as either writers or video contributors on a volunteer basis.

While our job is literally fun and games, it also involves some hard work. Writers are required to: submit at least one editorial a week (on a day of the week which they chose) and contribute news.

To apply: shoot us an email showing us you’re interested and tell us a little about yourself and gaming interest. Let us know if you have any WordPress, SEO, or previous writing experience and feel free to share your social media with us. Please also note that you will be able to submit one editorial a week as well as three news pieces. Along with your email, we would like to see an original editorial piece on any gaming subject of your choice. This will be your first uploaded piece (once edited) on OmniGamer, so make it count. For examples of our team’s fine work, check out our editorials page. Please keep in mind that we only hire adult staff.

Why OmniGamer? While OmniGamer is composed of volunteers, it has a dedicated staff of editors who provide wonderful feedback and help writers gain experience in a friendly environment. The whole team has the ability to communicate with one another, share ideas, and collaborate. More excitingly, we get review keys and press passes.

We are also hunting around for some new Video Content Creators. We’re looking for original videos and content — after all, we the O in OG does stand for “original”. Okay, it doesn’t really but still, we only want the best, most unique content for our subscribers.

Please send all applications to Caraline@OmniGamer.com

Micah Brogan is a content writer for OmniGamer. An avid gamer and a lover of lore, he spends more of his time thinking about games than doing anything productive. Aspiring to one day write for games you can find his first ongoing short story on: https://www.wattpad.com/user/MordanonVihl

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