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Here we are. OmniGamer is back and we don’t plan on ever leaving again. In our four years of existence, we, like any site, have had our ups and downs. If you’ve been a reader from the beginning, you may remember some of our ups. In our first year of being established, we were able to go to many trade shows including E3 and CES. We also established and developed connections with a lot of people in the gaming industry.

If this is your first time ever visiting OmniGamer, thank you for discovering our little slice of the internet. I would like to tell you what we’re about.

The word Omni means universal, and of course, you know what a gamer is, right? Basically, an OmniGamer is someone that plays on any platform and does not discriminate. Here at OmniGamer, we cover every platform. If you can play a game on it, you can bet we’ll cover it.

Our goal or mission statement if you will, is to bring you the reader an OMNIDirectional view of the gaming industry.

Our staff is comprised of the most talented writers you’ll ever see. We only bring the best. Each writer and editor specialize in a platform. This is to make sure that we’re always bringing you the latest in news.

As we continue to build out our written content, we’ll also be establishing and expanding both our video and podcast endeavors. We have plenty of show ideas lined up, so you’ll never get bored. And we will post more about them at a later date.

We’re still growing and I wish you’d stick with us and enjoy the content we bring you. Again, thank you for visiting us, and I hope you come back. And, thank you for checking us out. We hope you’ll enjoy your time here at OmniGamer.

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DaJuan Harris is OmniGamer's Head of Content. He considers the PC Master Race, to be the best thing to happen in gaming. You can follow him on Twitter @heyDaJuan.

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