Weekly GameBit Podcast Remastered! Episode 3

Howdy again folks! This time, we are actually featuring….a normal episode! That’s right! Now that E3 is over and done, we have a format, a schedule, and all kinds of good stuff that you would normally associate with a podcast! Fun times ahead for the Weekly GameBit Podcast!

Anywho, in this episode, we talk about the (mis)adventures of Mighty No. 9, take a great big look at Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, discuss some great gaming moments of the non-violent variety, and a fun little game is finally unveiled!

So come on in, take in the sounds of another podcast, and behold what a normal, non-insane week on the show circuit looks like!

Oh, and as an added courtesy, game spoiler times included below:
39:22-40:19 – Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
40:19-40:40 – Gears of War 3
42:00-45:48 – Uncharted 4

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Mike – @NegtronZero

Jared – @quesobros

Michael – @M_Mosley_JR

Tyler – @DarthRahu

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