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W.U.R.M: Escape From a Dying Star – First Look

W.U.R.M: Escape from a Dying Star an immersive, two-player space survival game. The game allows one player to pilot their “ship” using a control panel while the other player (named Houston) gives commands to ensure their survival. The game made its first debut in New York City during Creative Tech Week on May 7, 2016.

The game is housed within an actual structure, meant to mimic a cockpit, built of 3D printed materials. The control panel, which includes some controls mounted onto a vest, is built into the structure. The pilot is meant to stay alive in a wormhole using commands received from Base Command (or Houston). Houston is allowed one way audio to the pilot and the pilot is allowed one-way video to Houston. Houston can see what controls and settings need to be adjusted to stay alive, so it takes good communication and fast response time. For more information check out the official site.

A YouTube video of the debut event shows people responding to the in-game events. One guest was surprised that the seat vibrated in response to “wormhole turbulence”.

W.U.R.M: Promotional Footage

The game world is randomly generated according to Grayson Earle. creator of the W.U.R.M graphics engine. The design of the wormhole and the settings you need to adjust to stay alive will change with every new playthrough. He goes on to say that this project is to emphasize the social experience between players. His inspiration was from all of the late night sleepovers and conversation that went on outside of the game.

W.U.R.M: Escape from a Dying Star looks to create an immersive, heavily cooperative experience. With a limited debut, we do not have too much information on all of the potential that this project could have. So this is the question: With what you have seen, do you believe that W.U.R.M: Escape from a Dying star can bring back that immersive experience?

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