Vulpine Let’s You Be A Fox With A Sword, Now On Kickstarter

Vulpine is an open-world survival adventure game that stars animal as small as a rabbit to as big as a bear. These animals are literally all armed to the teeth with weapons (as in spears, swords and hammers) to help them fight monsters. And before you ask, no, they’re not anthropomorphic.

Here’s a small explanation of the game from Clockwork Giant Games, the independent two brothers founded studio, responsible for the polygon graphic world:

After choosing to be either a fox, wolf, bear, rabbit or other woodland creature, they must fend off ruthless monsters and navigate dangerous dungeons as they explore pristine forests hunting for food, gathering resources and searching for lost civilizations. Vulpine adventures can be embarked on solo or in packs of 32 or more friends.

There will be three categories of animals in the game: small, medium and large. Smaller animals will be faster but have weaker attacks while large animals will be slower but make up for there lack of speed with stronger attacks.

Size matters in Vulpine, attack speed and damage of any given weapon are affected by the animals’ size as well. The animals will be able to explore the game’s huge landmass, which Clockwork says will have a¬†variety of biomes and environments. Marking territories will also be an important mechanic, by marking territories animals can claim a plot of land for their pack and build a safe house to sleep and store items. It will also serve as a way for pack members to regroup, they can warp to their customizable safe houses, or a den, where equipment and other resources will be stored.

Issac Goodin, one of the two aforementioned brothers and studio co-founder, explained where the idea for Vulpine came from and its inspirations hail,

“We loved the concept of creating an RPG with normal animals that have extraordinary skills. Taking inspiration from one of our all time favorite games, Tokyo Jungle, we developed Vulpine 101 at our very first game jam. Since then, we’ve developed several games but we just couldn’t shake the idea of a game where you play as an animal. That’s why we decided, about six months ago, to revisit the idea and dedicated ourselves to developing this new version of Vulpine full-time…”

Vulpine’s Kickstarter can be found here, the game is planned for release on PC and MAC via Steam in July 2017, but players can pledge to the campaign until Sept. 21 and gain access to a planned closed beta.

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