Sony E3 2016 Demands and Speculations

With E3 just around the corner, Sony has a lot to prove as the head of the pack for this console generation. It won’t be easy living up to their last E3 press conference, but here’s hoping Sony understands why it works. So if last year is any indication, the Vita will be neglected and left to rot underneath the stairs until it’s sales numbers get better. But ignoring that (just like how Sony ignores the Vita), let’s dive into my list of demands and speculations for Sony’s E3 show.

New hardware and hardcore cringing

The PlayStation Neo is surrounded by mystery, so Sony’s bound to drop some concrete details on stage, but they’re more than likely going to showcase some PlayStation VR’s 50 games. While it’s definitely cheaper than Oculus’s headset, $400 dollars is still a lot of blood to sell, so they need to bring their A-games. Specifically, the games that make the competition look like expensive View-Masters. I’d personally like to see Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Wayward Sky, although I’m sure we can expect one of those game montages Sony loves.

But with VR games being demonstrated, there’ll certainly be the developers who drew the short straw with headsets strapped on playing the game in front of thousands. And chances are, no will look even remotely cool during their demonstrations.

Games, games and more games


Image taken from PlayStation.com

If Sony learned anything from last year’s E3, it should have been that people love it when the focus are the upcoming games. While I’m sure everyone wants to see the new Naughty Dog game and even more sure Sony will gloat about Uncharted 4, I don’t believe it’s plausible. Yes, Naughty Dog has two teams, but they just finished Uncharted 4 and when they released The Last of Us in 2013, Uncharted 4 was nowhere to be heard. At the same time, if it’s simply announced there’s a new Crash Bandicoot in their hands, I’ll be more than pleasantly surprised.

However, I’d bet my soul (unfortunately, that dumb thing is worthless) on seeing Sucker Punch’s new game. While there are rumors they’ve been working on a new Spiderman game, it’s far more likely it’s another Infamous, and I’d honestly prefer it that way. We’ll likely see something about the new God of War. It sounds like this new title will have a Norse mythology setting, which is totally awesome. E3 is the perfect place to reveal what’s planned for this series. Also, if I see a fight with Thor, I’ll lose my mind and pre-order two copies.

I’m also hoping to see some more gameplay of Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Last Guardian. We got some glimpses last year, but I’d like to see how it’s progressed and get a bit more information about the game’s story with some playable demos. Other than that, there should be more than one surprise that no one saw coming. This console generation doesn’t feel like it’s had too many amazing new IPs yet, and with the hype machine that is E3, surprises are what make or break these press conferences.

There also might be a Gran Turismo announcement, but as someone who isn’t a racing fan and considering the honeymoon phase of the current generation is over (as in graphics aren’t as impressive as they once were), I’m hoping it’s limited to one of the montages.

Japanese and indie games fill the gaps


Image taken from Megami Tensei Wiki

As much as I was blown away from last year’s announcement how PS4 will get Call of Duty DLC first (I was so amazed, I left to get a snack to celebrate my time being wasted), I’d much rather see something interesting to keep the momentum going in between the major exclusives. Japanese games like Persona 5, Kingdom Hearts 3, Nier: Automata or Final Fantasy VII HD (although Square will probably save that last one for themselves) would definitely fit the bill in that regard.

Maybe if we’re really lucky, we’ll see whatever From Software’s second team has been working on. With Dark Souls effectively finished for the time being and From working on a new IP, an announcement about what their plans are would be nice.

Besides that, it’d also be nice to see the inevitable free PlayStation Plus titles known as indie games. The best of the best indie games always break up the mundane AAA string of hype and always make interesting surprises, so here’s hoping Sony stays true to the indie game love.

Other E3 notes and wrap-up

All jokes aside, if Sony doesn’t show any support for the Vita like last year, then it’s a damning statement that could be seen as the final nail in the coffin, but at the same time, Sony has enough weapons in their arsenal that could easily eclipse the little handheld. On the other hand, a Vita montage of upcoming games wouldn’t hurt or be too time-consuming, but anything is better than what was shown — or lack thereof — last year.

Sony is the king of the consoles at the moment, so there’s bound to be some more bragging, but if their E3 presence is in the same ballpark as last year’s, anyone who owns a PS4 should be excited.

KC Stanfield is a giant loser who loves self-deprecating humor and is also OmniGamer's section editor of PlayStation. He grew up playing Sony consoles and loves Dark Souls and Super Smash Bros. You can follow him on Twitter @kc_stanfield (although he wouldn't understand why you'd even want to in the first place).

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