Player Recreates Pokémon Fire Red in Minecraft


A Youtuber by the name of Requag made a near-perfect replica of Pokémon Fire Red for the Gameboy Advance in Minecraft. This Pokémon inspired crossover is only the beginning for Requag, who is planning much larger Minecraft interactive additions in the future.

Thanks to the new 1.10 update for Minecraft, players are now able to create Structure Blocks.With these structure blocks, players have the opportunity to manually load previously built structures. Here’s what Searge, a developer at Mojang, said about the new additon.

“It’s basically saving templates and then copying them back into the world at any position. The nice feature is that every structure can be rotated or mirrored when it’s placed.”

This means that a player can build any structure and replicate it later with ease. Requag took that “copy and paste” concept to another level when he created an entire Pokémon game using the new mechanics.

Pokemon in Minecraft

Requag’s Pokémon emulation doesn’t include a lot of the game’s basic features such as combat or dialogue, but players shouldn’t be worried because Requag has announced on Youtube that he will continue updating the project with those functions. His goal is to recreate a fully functional version of Pokémon Fire Red for Minecraft players to enjoy.

People eager to try out the basic version of this creation can play it without any mods. They just need to have a working copy of Minecraft version 1.10. You can click this link if you’d like to download this Pokémon and Minecraft combination.

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