Pokémon Go – My Dream or a Nightmare?

Pokémon Go’s final beta is now closed, and we know it’s coming out this month. While excited, Pokémon Go could either be the realization of my childhood dreams or the stuff of anecdotal nightmares. Here’s a summary of my hopes and fears for the title.

“Um. I’m Caraline, from Nuvema Town. My goal as a Trainer is to become the Champion.”

– really Cheren from Pokémon Black and White

The first Pokémon I ever met as a child was Executor. I don’t remember the day in particular, or what drew me to Pokémon, as I moved from the television show to the game. But years later, I can speculate countless reasons I was drawn to Pokémon as a child. But most of all I wanted to explore regions and be the very best I could be.

As N from Pokémon Black said, “Caraline, You said you have a dream… That dream… Make it come true! Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth! Caraline, If anyone can, it’s you!” (The name changes depending on the player.) And now half of my childhood dream is coming true, Pokémon are about to appear in the world. A feel like I would be letting down the 10-year-old me down if I did not try to make my dream of becoming a Pokémon Master reality. But I have several fears the first being…


“This town is insignificant! There’s nothing of value here. It doesn’t need to exist.”

-Male grunt, in Celestic Town

Have you ever noticed that most of the towns in Pokémon have less than 10 buildings? The village I live near is similar. The road I live on has large fields with forests behind them. I pass my Amish neighbors in their horse-drawn buggies. For landmarks, there is a small park that people avoid because it has bat boxes, a pond, and a castle with a “No Trespassing” sign.

I can imagine my neighbors buggy being pulled by a Rapidash. Those boxes are filled with Zubats. The pond holds a Psyduck. And that castle is terrorized by Gastly, Haunter and Gengar. But the game’s programming does not allow it to be so creative. It’s hard to go into a game knowing you want more than the game plans to deliver. Many of us would like to point our phones up at the sky. But, if what we have heard from the beta is true, Pokémon are somewhat restricted in motion and positioning. They spawn, floating, at randomly generated blue cubes.


“You better have Burn Heal”

– Blaine the Fire Gym Leader in every game he’s in

I expect to get burnt by these blue cubes. I expect them to be so few and far between that I’ll have to travel far to obtain one Pokémon. Would I be surprised if I don’t need to do this? I certainly would be. Would I be willing to go on a long and arduous journey for a Pokémon though? Of course. But I fear they’ll be tied to landmarks that are just too far away to walk. And driving to Pokémon just would not be the same. That said, there is something I fear worse than the blue cubes. I fear the burn of the of the real currency in game store.


We have yet to see the contents of the real currency store in yet, but I fear the worst. And others do as well or images like the one above, made by Reddit’s MrLuxan, would not exist. While it is unlikely anything this awful would come to be, people wonder what will be included in the store. Would specialty Pokéballs be for sale? What about medicine? How about battle and hold items? Or worse could we be paying real money for machines to teach our Pokémon new moves. Or maybe the store will simply sell currency you can earn in game.

“We must have it to attract Pokémon in great numbers!”

– Two Team Galactic Grunts in Diamond, Pearl & Platinum

Remember how we use to get Repels? It’s pretty safe to say that we won’t be wanting those in Pokémon Go. But could we get items that increase the randomly generated Pokémon like Honey in the Safari Zone? Or maybe we could get a white flute. Remember, “a maniac will buy it for a high price”.


“Man oh man… What is going on today? Challengers coming one right after another.”

– Grimsley in Black & White from the Elite 4

Another thing I worry about with Pokémon Go is not having enough friends to trade or battle with. I do not seem to have the correct number of friends with green hair. And since I’ve moved away from the childhood friends I once played Pokémon with, I fear that it won’t be as fun without them. And while we all know Pokémon is a great way to make new friends, this just seems easier at a young age. I would hope anyone wearing a Pokémon Go Plus accessory, or who saw me wearing one, would strike up a conversation, but admittedly, I get a little apprehensive talking to new people.

“It’s a $10 million fine if you’re late!”

– Barry or Pearl in Diamond or Pearl

Last but not least, my biggest fear for Pokémon Go is that they will delay it again. This is something many of us have been looking forward to for a really long time and to have to wait longer would be a huge disappointment.

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And in the words of the Pokémon Center nurses:

We hope to see you again.

Caraline Nelson is OmniGamer’s Editor in Chief. When she is not correcting typos she can be found drawing fanart of the games she is playing.

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