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Planar Conquest – Kickstarter Strategy Game Released

Planar Conquest, a re-imagined sequel to Worlds of Magic by Wastelands Interactive, is available now on PC. The game is available on mobile devices (iOS and Android) for $8.99 and Steam for $24.99. Purchasing information can be found on Planar Conquest‘s main page. Those who already own Worlds of Magic will be able to get a copy for free, as well.

Leszek Lisowski, Wastelands Interactive CEO, said there were “[…] some things that required polishing even after release.” He goes on to say the game features a new UI, enhanced AI, revamped graphics and a map editor. The game also plans for Xbox One and PS4 release which allows for cross-platform play. Both the Steam and mobile applications will be on sale for a short promotional period.

A press release from Wastelands Interactive says this game is for Civilization series fans or those who loved Heroes of Might & Magic but longed for more freedom. The similarity comes (particularly with Heroes) from controlling heroes on the game screen. You are able to customize the skills of your own hero before starting.

The game allows you to lead one of eight different races on seven different terrain types (known as planes). The game has a major emphasis on developing your hero and finding new spells. Exploration of the procedurally generated world is also a major emphasis. Developers have also offered a tutorial video for those who are getting into the game.

The Steam page description boasts the game will have over 40 types of locations that can be examined as you search the landscape for loot. The game also has over 40 kinds of buildings to improve settlements and over 150 military units. There’s a total of 13 different types of “spell circles,” which add up to a total of 300 different spells.

For more information on Wastelands Interactive, check out their website. Check out the trailer below.

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