New Overwatch Character, Ana, Announced


Blizzard has announced the first post-launch character for their popular shooter Overwatch. The character’s name is Ana and she is a new support character who uses a sniper rifle to heal team members.

Being the first character released after the game’s launch in May, Ana will make her debut for all players of Overwatch, free of charge. This brings the character roster to 22 playable characters, with Ana being the fifth support hero.

Blizzard has described Ana as “a battle-scarred veteran who supports her teammates from a distance using a unique and highly specialized collection of weapons.”

Using her Biotic Rifle, Ana is able to fire darts that heal her allies and damage the opposing team. Also equipped with a Biotic Grenade, the weapon heals teammates and damages enemies in its small damage area. The grenade also boosts all incoming healing for fellow team members and stunts the healing of enemies.

Overwatch Ana Sniper

She is also equipped with a Sleep Dart, which can stun enemies in a sleep-like state for a short period of time. Ana’s ultimate, Nano Boost, has her fire a dart at a fellow team member and give them faster speed, increased damage and improved defense.

Blizzard has also released an origin video, diving into the backstory of the new character.

Ana is the mother of Pharah, the rocket launcher wielding soldier in the sky. Ana also has close ties to other Overwatch characters, including Reaper and Soldier: 76. Ana also has a tie to the sniper Widowmaker, as she is responsible for the loss of Ana’s right eye.

There is no set date to when Ana will be available to play in Overwatch but expect to see her released late July.

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