OmniGamer Presents: The DreamLog

    Greetings and salutations to all! I come to you bearing a new challenge for any group of friends interested in gaming glory! Gather some chums, get yourself into reading mode, and behold the wonders of:


    Alright, what is this?
    The DreamLog is a game played between several pals to determine who can best predict which upcoming games will best win the hearts of reviewers. Some games shall review better than others, and the goal is to predict the biggest winners! Okay, that’s the basic idea…now onto the finer details!

      How it works:

  1. First of all, TIME FRAME OF THE GAME: Shortly after E3 2016-June 13, 2017
  2. Now that E3 is over and done with, a draft day shall be declared. For the Weekly GameBit Podcast crew, we will be holding our draft later this week! For anyone else who wants to join in, you decide an ideal day, but the longer you wait, the fewer games there will be to select!
  3. On draft day, through some means, a draft selection order shall be determined. No official rule yet as to how that order is determined; just make it fair!
  4. Players will select upcoming games in that order, selecting which games they believe shall review the best.
  5. After the first round, the order will “snake,” meaning that the person who selected last in the first round will select first in the second round (with the player with the first overall pick selecting last in the second round and first in the third round and so on and so forth).
  6. For four players, there will be a total of ten (10) rounds, resulting in the selection of ten (10) games each. If you have more or less than four players, you may want to consider adding or subtracting the number of picks. For instance, if you have only three players, eight (8) picks may be ideal.
  7. Roughly 75-80% of your picks will represent your main, scored lineup, and the remaining 20-25% will represent the “bench” that will not be scored. You may rotate your picked games on and off your bench as you see fit. For example, with four players, 8 picks will be in the main lineup, and the remaining 2 will be on the bench.
  8. Any games that were not picked by anyone may be switched with one of your picked games every Wednesday in an order that will rotate. In other words, if you do not like a pick that you own, you may swap it out with an unpicked game.
  9. The picking/swapping order will change every week in order to maintain fairness to all.
  10. EXAMPLE:
    Week 1: 1 2 3 4
    Week 2: 2 3 4 1
    Week 3: 3 4 1 2
    Week 4: 4 1 2 3

  11. After draft day, a designated scorekeeper will keep track of each selected game as the game’s release occurs. The game will be scored based upon the overall score on Metacritic one week after the game’s release.
  12. The final Metacritic score shall contribute to that player’s score. The player’s final score will be the sum of all eight Metacritic scores of the games the player selected. The player with the highest sum shall be declared the winner.
    • Important Notes (you don’t want to skip these):

  13. Any games released after E3 2017) will not be counted, as they will apply to the draft of the following year.
  14. Here is a tricky, dangerous element: If one of your picks gets delayed past the release window, it will no longer count. Keep tabs on developers and see if you can determine which games may be most at risk of this.
  15. If one of your selections gets delayed past the window, you will be allowed a compensation pick of any game that went undrafted (unselected).
  16. Some leeway may potentially be given to a game that is not delayed too far into the next year. For instance, if a game is delayed into (very early 2016/During or very shortly after E3 2016), your pick may still count. Results may vary.
  17. If for whatever reason Metacritic is unable to generate a score within a week’s time, that game will also not be considered. A compensation pick will be awarded.
  18. Because their scores are often very close to the original, remasters of Seventh Generation games (360, PS3, Wii) will not be permitted. If the remaster is from an older generation, it may be considered but still may be prohibited depending on the circumstances.
  19. Ports will not be considered. For instance, if a game comes out on consoles and PC, the console and PC version cannot both be selected.
  20. To follow-up, the player who selected a game that fits this description will be awarded the score of the highest rated version. In other words, if the PC port fared better than the console version, the player will receive the score of the PC version (and vice versa).
  21. It is up to the player to keep track of this, and inform the scorekeeper if a different port comes out. If the player alerts the scorekeeper a week after a later port of the game is released, it will not be considered as per the scoring rules.
  22. Well folks, that is the game. I hope some of you decide to play along and have a grand time!

    If you want to discuss the rules/complain about the game, feel free to hit up the comments below! This is a BRAND new concept, and I would absolutely love me some feedback!

    Good luck!

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