Nintendo Vans Collection to be Released

Many gamers enjoy showing off their love of Nintendo games with bold and colourful fashion. And with t-shirts and bags, it’s only natural to need Nintendo shoes too. The wait to show with Nintendo fanaticism is now over.On Friday, July 3rd Vans will be releasing their newest collection of shoes. Now the powerhouse shoe company has partnered with Nintendo to make an official collection, unlike any other, Nintendo Vans. The new shoes will be sporting designs inspired by the original generation of Nintendo gaming products.

That’s right, from Friday on, feet adorned in some of favourite NES classics including; Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda and, of course, the plumber brothers. With the shoes coming in both adult and children’s sizes you will be sure that all Nintendo fans will be able to share in this wonderful collaboration.

One of the designs you could get your hands on is a black background featuring quotes from the unforgettable scene from the original Legend of Zelda, in which Link is given the Master Sword as the master says “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.” In between these are pixel art renditions of the hero of time, the master, the sword, the rupee currency and the dark lord, Ganon.

For kids who want something a little special to make adult gamers jealous, there is a kids size only design of the cast of Mario Kart or Super Mario. These designs are available in a classic slip-on, the patented sk8-hi zip and authentic Van styles. Featured on all of the shoes is a sole which reads the two words every gamer has learned to hate, Game Over!

There’s more, on top of the amazing Nintendo design Vans that will be available, the collaborative effort also includes a range of accessories including bags, t-shirts, backpacks and a few other things. With these new products, Nintendo fans can walk around town proudly displaying their love of traditional gaming. All of these go on sale July 3rd.

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