New Street Fighter V Character Revealed

Capcom’s new trailer showcases the return of Ibuki, the female ninja for Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V didn’t exactly have the best reception. The released product was criticized for its lackluster features and grossly undersold across both PlayStation 4 and PC, losing in sales to the Wii U’s Pokken Tournament.

After a solemn apology for its release-now-support-later business model, Capcom has been staying on schedule with releasing new content for the latest installment in their fighting game franchise, such as this recently released trailer.

The trailer focuses completely on Ibuki’s move set and it’s quite a sight. She has projectiles, such as her kunai, and seems to have a decent air game, but what makes her especially dangerous is her dashing and her capacity for juggles. Using a combination of rapid dashes and sly placement of ninja bombs, Ibuki seems primed to keep you in the air and completely mess up your day. This isn’t to say that this ninja is the only juggle-heavy character this game has seen, but considering her ability to drop bombs and unpredictably jump dash and slash, she’s a force to be reckoned with. This is before we take into account her V-Skill which allows her to unleash a small focused blast of ninja magic at her opponent.

Ibuki will be released along side story mode at the end of June.

Fluent in several forms of martial arts like Tae Kwon Do and Devil May Cry, Tyler Chancey is a robot in human skin programmed to love games, hate ignorance, and enjoy the finer things like iced tea and a good book. You can follow him on Twitter @DarthRahu

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