World of Warriors to BeReleased on PS4 this Year

Mobile game World of Warriors is getting a PS4 release sometime this year. The game will be developed by independent Spanish Developer Virtual Toys and is based on the games created by UK-based Mind Candy (the people behind Moshi Monsters). World of Warriors promises ‘a combat focused adventure, where the greatest warriors in history have been summoned to a land beyond our own’.

World of Warriors has existed previously on iOS and Android devices in the form of free to play turn based RPG World of Warriors: Quest and similarly free to play reaction based competitive game World of Warriors: Duel. This will be the first appearance on a console for the series though and the new game will be available on the PS4 exclusively.

Although information is sparse, World of Warriors appears to be an arena based combat game with players being able to team up or face off in up to four player couch co-op. The game will also feature online play where players can compete inside of leagues to become the champion of the Wildlands, the mysterious kingdom to which these warriors have been summoned.

In World of Warriors players will take control of such warriors as ninjas, vikings, and knights in order to defeat others in hazardous arenas. As they progress, players will be able to unlock new heroes through the Temple of Epics to add to their roster, the available characters consist of warriors from series one and two of the mobile game as well as some that have been previously unplayable.

Whether the game will be free to play or not is as of yet announced, although the nature of the series up until this point would point towards a free to play model, with players being able to pay to unlock more characters. Undoubtedly more information will be released in the coming months.

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