Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is Real

Xbox Head Phil Spencer took the stage during Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference to finally confirm the long-rumored Xbox One: Project Scorpio.

The console is a highly upgraded version of the already existing Xbox One, which will utilize 4k resolutions, VR compatibility and a potential six teraflops of computing power. While not many specifics were given on the new machine, it will run alongside the current Xbox One and Xbox One S versions of the console allowing cross-compatibility for all games.

The announcement finally confirms the long-rumored reports made by both Kotaku and Polygon of both an Xbox One S and the more powerful Project Scorpio model. Explained in an announcement video from the event, Scorpio is a part of Microsoft’s plan for a unified gaming ecosystem between their platforms.

Project Scorpio is planned for a holiday 2017 release. No retail price has been announced yet.

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