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Mafia III Preview – Bringing a City to Life

The official 2K UK Youtube page released a new preview of Mafia III. The game plans for an October 7, 2016, release with a pre-order bonus of three additional weapons and vehicles. The Deluxe Edition will be available for $79.99 on digital release and select retailers. A Collector’s Edition will be available for $149.99. The Collector’s Edition comes with the original game score on vinyl, a collectible art book, collectible art prints, and more.

New Bordeaux is where the game takes place, which is heavily inspired from New Orleans according to Matthias Worch, design director for the game. The different locations include jazzy nightclubs, a swamp, and the docking district. Denby Grace, executive producer for 2K UK, states that the city will have nine available districts. Each district will have two criminal rackets.

2K wishes to emphasize how the city is fully available to players, allowing them to openly explore different parts of the city as they wish.

You play as “Lincoln”, a boy turned into a man is raised in a poor district of the city. Lincoln uses his military training acquired during the Vietnam War on his quest for revenge. Additional details on the story and gameplay elements will be offered during E3. 2K will be stationed at the South Hall at booth 1601.

Mafia III is the third game of the series. Previous games in the series have received a mostly positive response. The previous Mafia game was released six years ago. There will be significant graphical improvements.

For those interested in more information keep posted on 2K’s main website. You can also follow their official twitter page @2K and the official page for Mafia updates @mafiagame. Until more information is released at the upcoming E3 event, people will likely have to wait. Until that time check out the trailer below for some alpha footage of the game and statements from producers and developers.

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