Bloober Team Announces Layers of Fear DLC


Bloober Team is not done yet with their first-person survival horror game, Layers of Fear. Announced officially through their website, courtesy of an announcement trailer, the developers are adding another piece of story-based content, called Inheritance. This downloadable expansion hasn’t been officially priced but will be released on August 2 to compliment the retail version of Layers of Fear currently available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $19.99.

The original story of Layers of Fear dealt with a tortured painter locked away in his mansion trying to complete a masterpiece. The game explored elements of paranoia, the creative process and the perception of reality, all accompanied by macabre and disturbing imagery, unnerving puzzles and grotesque monsters. The story of Inheritance seems to be centered around the painter’s daughter, who has been invited back to her father’s abandoned mansion in order to see what has become of him. What has become of her father, and even more unsettling, what became of his work and his home?

Layers of Fear
officially launched from Steam’s Early Access and Xbox Preview program on February 16, 2016, to solid critical reception. The game was compared positively to the interactive horror trailer, P.T due to the game’s consistent manipulation and repetition of mundane spaces and rooms such as hallways, staircases and otherwise normal rooms in a Victorian-era home and its presentation of psychological horror experience told from a first-person perspective.

The biggest piece of speculation for fans of Layer’s of Fear is which of the game’s multiple endings (if any!) will be considered as canon for Inheritance? Considering how much the game makes the player question what is real, it is anyone’s guess until this DLC starts scaring us silly on August 2.

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