The Karters Races To Steam Early Access

The Karters, a Crash Team Racing-inspired racing game, plans to complete its first lap and hit Steam Early Access Sept. 28. The Early Access version of the game will include the following five characters, four maps, a battle arena, single player and both local and global multiplayer modes.

The Karters was announced at the end of April and was quickly Greenlit on Steam. The game’s website says it’s an arcade karting game inspired by Crash Team Racing’s gameplay, dynamics and overall design. CTR was an incredibly polished Crash Bandicoot kart racer on the PlayStation developed by Naughty Dog that was inspired by Mario Kart.

The final product plans to finish with at least 10 characters, 12 maps and four battle arenas. Cmoar Studios was also approached by the Unity engine creators and invited The Karters to take part in the Made with Unity program. The developers recently showed the game off for the first time to both players and journalists at the Digital Dragons conference in May, where The Karters received feedback and comments from the community.

The trailer above definitely has a CTR feel to it. Everything from the karts power sliding to the tropical environment feels reminiscent of Crash Bandicoot’s first foray into the racing genre.

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