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Indie developers have it rough. With up to a fraction of the finances and advertising that the bigger developers get it can be difficult to release a game that is what you initially envision it to be. Despite these restrictions, independent developers manage to make their marvelous game ideas a reality. How is it they can do this? With so many budding game developers around, what is the difference between successful developers and those who are not so successful?

OmniGamer has had the pleasure of speaking to Ruben Pereira the head of RP Studios whose first game is to be released later this year. The game itself, A Demon’s Game, is a survival horror puzzle game that utilizes logic puzzles and a defined mythos to create a chilling and rich world. The first person view utilized in the game helps to create a very Amnesia (another Indie survival horror puzzle game) feel, leaving the player paranoid and anxious in that perfect horror style.

Of all of the first time start-up projects out there, A Demon’s Game has some amazing support from the Indie community, having already had a bunch of reviews and playthroughs of the game in its current beta state. So why would a single developer do so well in the community when so many others try and fail?

To see more of the game in development go to the game’s Gamejolt page: http://gamejolt.com/games/a-demon-s-game-demo/127724

This game reminds you of why you were afraid of the dark.

This game reminds you of why you were afraid of the dark.

How big is the team working on A Demon’s Game?
If we’re talking about actual people working on the game’s development, then it’s just a single guy, me. But I like to consider all of the voice actors who I’m working with part of the dev team as well, so a total of seven people.

Where did the initial idea come from for A Demon’s Game?
This game started out as a simple project for my final course presentation, where I simply had a factory that the player had to escape, but when I started making prototypes of the first ever builds, people’s feedback was really positive, so I decided to take it a step further, and now I have a word document with 44 pages of story. Needless to say, I’ve shown it to a couple of folks in my family and a few friends and they were blown away, something that made me extremely proud of my imagination and storytelling consistency.

Was there anything you had to cut during development and why?
Back in mid-2015, I had a bunch of levels done, around 9 I think. But I ended up scraping them all because I thought they weren’t good enough, they lacked atmosphere, they lacked realism, they lacked a true sense of fright. So I started over and instead of making multiple areas at once, I started making one area at a time, making the development workflow more fluid.

Does all of your work come from in-house staff?
Yes, everything has been and will continue to be done by me, and in collaboration with the VA working alongside me.

How did you go about recruiting talent for the development process?
I was working on the game solo for quite a long time, and I got to the point where I thought to myself “I need voice actors for the characters…”, so I decided to put an advertisement on IndieDB, where it gave a general idea of what the project was, what I wanted it to become and how voice actors would benefit from working with me on it. After hundreds of emails read, I got 6 talented and hardworking people to help me along, who at this point I like to consider more than just temporary work colleagues.

What is the biggest achievement your team has made during development?
There’s been a couple, just yesterday (06/30/16) I presented the project in my final course presentation where I got the maximum grade possible, something which hasn’t happened in that school in the last 15 years. Another great achievement was the sheer overall feedback from the community, which has been extremely positive and supportive up to now. It’s really hard for me to pick from those two.

What has been your biggest hurdle to overcome during development?
I had to learn a lot of stuff to make this game, 3D modeling, animations, programming, rigging, skinning, texturing, you get the idea, while I am in a programming course, they don’t teach us advanced programming languages like LUA and C++ (what A Demon’s Game uses). So I learned all of that on my own as I worked on the project, every time I had an idea for an event or anything and had no idea where to turn to, I would scavenge forums, API pages and find a way to solve my problem so my ideas could be brought to life in the game.

Did you, or will you, have to delay release?
I previously said that I was going to release the first episode of the game this summer, and since now I have a lot more time to work on the game, I’m staying true to that statement, with that said, greenlight might prove to be a problem and cause my game to be delayed for a short time, other than that, everything is going as planned.

When is the game set for general release?
Episode 1 will be released at the end of the summer (first two weeks of august I reckon).
After that, it really depends on how much work I’m willing to put on the next few episodes, since I have a keen eye and like my perfectionism, the time between episodes will be a while (up to four months) but the wait will be worth it.

Can you give us any clues as to your next project?
Let me finish this one and then I’ll tell you!

A room from the game (in its current beta state)

A room from the game (in its current beta state)

For a single developer to have come so far in the process of making a game, already being reviewed and play-tested by several reviewers and YouTube lets players, it is amazing to see what the smallest of the small development groups can do.

In later weeks OmniGamer hopes to host interviews with a number of large and small Indie Developers about their upcoming projects. If you happen to be an Indie developer that wants to be interviewed you can contact us by filling in the form on our contact us tab.

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