Free Founder’s Pack for Paragon on Playstation


Paragon, the MOBA by Epic Games, has been in closed beta for a while now. Since January the game has been in the first phase closed beta, allowing access to those who show their devotion to the free-to-play MOBA by purchasing a founder’s pack. Yesterday (July 6th) the game’s second phase began.

The second phase of Paragon’s beta still only allows access for those with a founder’s pack. However, anyone who owns a Playstation 4 and has access (by subscription) to Playstation Plus content can now download their free founder’s pack, courtesy of the Playstation store. This pack is only available for download for a limited time so, if you plan on getting it, download it now.


It doesn’t seem that Epic Games has quite so generous a deal with Microsoft as the Xbox One release is still set for later this year, once it exits beta, with no signs of a free founder’s pack in sight. Whether this will cause a rift between the game and its Xbox One fans will become clear in time. Paragon is still set for general release later this year.

Paragon Character

Paragon’s Twinblast with his twin hand cannons!

For those who have heard nothing of the upcoming game, it has classic MOBA tactics and strategy making up the core of the game. Paragon blends the MOBA genre with sci-fi action as players strides around as one of the several characters trying to destroy the enemy’s home base. Unlike other games of the MOBA genre, the third person over the shoulder camera perspective adds an element of skill to even the most basic attacks. The game will be available to play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One when it is officially released.

The characters of the game are all intricately designed making each of them feel distinctly different from the others in gameplay style, lore and visuals. For example, Twinblast is a gun toting, leather jacket clad, metal-armed cyborg who can transform his arms and guns into…  bigger guns. In stark contrast, Paragon has Chimera a dual ax-wielding alien who hulks around the battlefield regenerating more health the longer he can stay in combat smashing minion bots and enemy heroes.

Paragon's Kharimera charging down the lane in pursuit of his next victim.

Paragon’s Kharimera charging down the lane in pursuit of his next victim.

With vibrant environments and interesting characters to play as, Paragon is set to be one of the top contenders for MOBA of choice for most players, competing even with genre veteran League of Legends. With the game being constantly updated during the phased release there have been a large amount of balances and patches introducing new content. It is clear that Paragon is being well received in this early stage and that makes it definitely worth a try.

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