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Final Fantasy XIV Revenge of the Horde Patch Coming Soon

Final Fantasy XIV‘s latest patch, which takes a note from World of Warcraft‘s playbook, has been released alongside a trailer detailing some new features of the game. The WoW‘s twitter page took note of this, responding to the post. The patch plans to be released on June 7. You will likely need the Heavensward expansion to experience some of this content..

A nine-minute trailer for “Revenge of the Horde” has been released to detail new areas of the game and challenges for players to tackle. The trailer includes new quests, new bosses, new areas and a new PVP area as well. The Main Scenario Quest seems to focus upon an invasion of dragons where you’ll be tasked with defending a base from some pretty large foes.

The next portion of the trailer takes place in the Weeping City of Mhach, which is a location that seems to emphasize combat with various bosses. One particular boss seems to be a constantly changing, metallic form that has the ability to throw you and your party around the field. A new section of Beast Tribe Quests will also be available.

It then takes place at Hullbreaker Isle, a portion of the game which has been labeled “hard.” You seem to be able to go through a variety of difficult bosses within various arenas (including a series of bosses introduced by going through gates). The Aquapolis, another area, was introduced with some similar features.

Other locations include The Palace of the Dead, Sohr Khai and the Final Steps of Faith. The new PVP feature is The Fields of Glory. Your focus appears to be the game mode (Shatter) that involves one team attempting to break a crystal while the other defends it.

The game also offers some customization elements that include flowerpots, new hairstyles, new gear and new clothing. Check out the trailer for Final Fantasy XIV’s latest patch below.

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