What Do We Expect from Nintendo at E3?

When I was asked to make predictions for Nintendo’s presence at E3 2016, I found myself at a standstill. As OmniGamer’s resident Nintendo Editor, my preparations for E3 have been minimal, to non-existent. No rumors have surfaced for what Nintendo is planning on showing, as they have already announced what games and what will be premiered at the show ahead of time. You can detail what will be shown in a small list of bullet points.

• The Legend of Zelda 2017 (Live Demo)
• Pokémon Go (Developer Q&A)
• Pokémon Sun Version and Moon Version(New Details)
• Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Treehouse Live Demo)
• Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice (Treehouse Live Demo)
• Monster Hunter: Generations (Treehouse Live Demo)
• Dragon Quest XII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past (Treehouse Live Demo)

That’s it. That’s all they have planned. Now, I’m an optimist, but I cannot help but feel much underwhelmed by the lack of showmanship Nintendo has planned for this year. As a company known for a solid presence at E3 throughout the many years of the show, this year looks to be set up as one of the most disappointing displays by Nintendo in years. We do not want a repeat of 2008.

Is Zelda Enough?

We know The Legend of Zelda 2017 will be the main focus of Nintendo throughout the entirety of the show, but is one big game enough to overshadow the lack of announcements? The answer: I have no clue. Zelda could very much be the greatest game Nintendo has released in a while, but no matter the bravado it brings to the show, we will still leave feeling like we want more, and not in a good way. Yes, we will probably be hungry for more Zelda, but just because you give us an amazing main course, doesn’t mean you should skimp out on the desert.

Why no NX?

We know by this time next year that there will be an entirely new console available to purchase from Nintendo. Code-named NX, nothing is known about the console, other than a release date. Why they are not displaying the new console is officially unknown, but it is most likely to pull the attention away from the upcoming NX version of Zelda. None the less, for a company with an imamate console release, this is an odd move.

Third Party Support

Confirmed third-party games to join Nintendo in their Treehouse Live presentation are Sonic Boom Fire and Ice, Monster Hunter: Generations, and Dragon Quest XII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past. Sega, Capcom, and Square-Enix all have intimate relationships with Nintendo, so it is not surprising that they would agree to team up and show their upcoming games coming later this year. Unfortunately, I am not sure if 3 games are enough to hold over fans who want more out of their Nintendo systems, let alone just on 3DS.

Surprisingly, there will be other games on the E3 show-floor that are releasing on Nintendo systems that will not be making an appearance. Corpse Party, Harvest Moon: Skytree Village, River City: Tokyo Rumble, Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns and even Yooka-Laylee will have a presence at the show, with no relations to Nintendo’s showcase. This makes me wonder how bad Nintendo’s third-party relations are, and if this affects the upcoming NX.

What are they hiding?

Nintendo has confirmed that these are the only things they will be showing off at E3. No NX, no Paper Mario: Color Splash, and no other upcoming releases. Will they throw a curve ball and show more than they have already confirmed? Only time will tell. Nintendo has something up their sleeve, but the time to pull that card out and make their play is not now. Whether the card is an ace or a useless joker will be determined by what they announce in the upcoming months.

Will Nintendo’s show be worth the watch?

I think it will be. While the show this year is not what people expected and wanted from Nintendo, there is enough for a Zelda and Pokémon fan to want to tune in to see where those upcoming games are going. If you are not into either of those, I do not think this is for you. Even if you are looking forward to playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, the game is so close to coming out, that seeing more gameplay may be a waste of time. Zelda itself will be a treat to see, so I would, and am, going to be watching.

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