Evolve Goes Free to Play as Evolve Stage 2

After coming off Steam yesterday, Evolve is back up now as the free to play Evolve Stage 2, which will be entering beta today. With new maps, modes, characters and unlockables as well as more to come, Turtle Rock now hopes that this round two will breathe new life into a game that was critically received and left many disappointed. There will be 24 hunters that are free to play as well as seven other monsters. Players will also see four redesigned maps. For now, nothing has been mentioned in regard to consoles. And both Xbox Live and the PlayStation store still have the original title for sale.

Turtle Rock notes that those who previously purchased Evolve will receive founder status in Evolve Stage 2. All previously owned hunters, monsters and skins will be carried over. And founders will receive all future adaptations for these characters. Additionally, they’ll be seeing more weapons, skins, 3,000 silver keys and four animated founder badges.

For more information check out the trailers below:

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