ESA Announces First Ever Public Event, E3 Live

E3, the long-running inclusive trade show, will be opening its gates to the public this year, albeit only slightly. The Entertainment Software Association, the group responsible for managing the event, have announced an alternative for those who cannot gain entrance to the show floor itself with E3 Live. Hosted at LA Live, a venue adjacent to the LA Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles, the event will be open to the public. It marks as E3’s first public event ever in its twenty-one-year history, just in time for the show to drink.

The news comes in the wake of multiple companies opting out of attending the event, such as EA alternatively hosting their own event across the street from E3, which will also be open to fans. Activision has echoed similar sentiments as they too have decided to not attend E3. Even Nintendo have announced their low-key presence at the show, stating that they will focus solely on their still-unnamed next Zelda title, despite their next console preparing to launch early next year.

E3 Live will offer live playable demos, meet-and-greets, music and entertainment, as well as exclusive merchandise. While there has been no word on which games will make it to the event or how many, it can be expected that those who are not attending E3 will also be absent from E3 Live as well.

Whether E3 Live will be able to reverse the sentiment that many pundits and industry insiders have been feeling is still unknown. As more companies decide to cut out the middleman and communicate to their consumers on their own terms, E3 seems to grow more irrelevant by the day. E3 Live may end up being a flash in the pan or a long-running trend for the future, but it does show hints towards a more fan-oriented future. It may be difficult to imagine their requirement for invitations lifting any time soon, but perhaps a stronger sentiment for fan-involvement could help stay off more companies following EA and Activision’s lead.

You can sign up for ticket by visiting their official website:

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