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The Dwarves – Kickstarter RPG has September Release

The Dwarves, an Isometric Story-driven RPG by Kings Art Games, is set for a September 2016 release date. The game reached success via Kickstarter with 5,925 backers pledging $310,091 to help bring this project to life. A recent Gameplay trailer was released, showing players how the combat will work on release. Those interested may receive a Beta copy of the game if they pledged $35 or more.

The game was based off a popular series of Fantasy novels by Markus Heitz. For people who are interested in the novel check out the Amazon page.

The gameplay trailer wishes to emphasize “Crowd Combat”, which indicate that all creatures on the battlefield are rendered with physical complexity, allowing for tactical finesse. The battles will all be based in real-time with the allowance to pause at any time to plan your strategy. You will often find yourself facing against numbers greater than your own according to the Steam page. Creatures include the fantasy staples of orcs, ogres, zombies, and dark mages.

The Dwarves trailer is presented with a heavy soundtrack and uses a large amount of “dwarven speak” to get the point across. You will be joining the dwarf Tungdil on a journey across the land Girdlegard, being allowed to explore the world and solve optional puzzles. To get an idea of Kings Art Games’ storytelling style, you may want to check out The Book of Unwritten Takes 2, another game that emphasizes storytelling.

To find more information on the company and the game check them out on their main website. You can also follow them on their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. Information from the Kickstarter days of this game can be found on their YouTube page. Kings Art Games is a game developer based out of Bremen, Germany.

Check out the Gameplay trailer below.

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