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Dead Island 2 Steam Page Removed

After some major headaches in development and a complete change in developers, Dead Island 2 has suddenly vanished from Steam. If you click on the Steam page link via this google search, you will notice that the page leads you back to Steam’s main website. This was initially found out by a forum post by “DeathSparks” on NeoGaf.

Publishers Deep Silver have gone through some trouble in trying to get the game out to the public. Yager Development, Deep Silver’s previous choice in developer for Dead Island 2, was dropped from the project. After the fall of the previous developer, their replacement was Sumo Digital.

The inclusion of a new developer could mean that the initial images shown to us through the original Steam page may not be what we will see through Sumo Digital. The secondary option may be that the game was cancelled. Publisher Deep Silver has yet to make any official announcement, mounting additional suspicions on this possibility.

A teaser trailer for Dead Island 2 was initially released back at E3 2014. Yager Development, creators of Spec Ops: The Line, were initially the developers. Before the release of the Definitive Collection. They were dropped and Sumo Digital took their place.

Deep Silver could be gearing up for an announcement on Dead Island 2’s new appearance. The possibility for a cancellation at this point in time is rather low. With E3 coming just around the corner between June 14-16, the possibility of a new trailer is right around the corner. The important thing to do in an instance like this is not to jump to conclusions. A number people seem to be doing this in the YouTube comment section on the trailer below.

Until the time where we get some information in the form of a statement from Deep Silver, fans can still watch the ridiculous trailer from E3 2014.

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