Daydreamer: Awakened Edition Review


When I heard Daydreamer: Awakened Edition was given to us from Atlus to review, I jumped at the chance to play it. Atlus has had a great track record in the past of publishing good games, so I assumed this would be a game worth playing. Boy, was I wrong. To be honest. I did not finish Daydreamer: Awakened Edition for this review. Not very often does a game make me want to put it down only after a few minutes of playing it. But Daydreamer’s horrible sound design, and terrible platforming pushed me away immediately.

Daydreamer started off interesting. The protagonist is awoken from an induced dream state. Once awoken, she finds herself in a dystopian world full of hideous monsters. It is up to the protagonist to rescue the Gate Keeper that awakened her and then save the world. However, this game tries to have an art style that references the lack of polygons and harken back to the era of pre-rendered character models, but the overall character design does not fit this style.

Animations are stiff, characters look poorly designed, and the world feels empty. I have never wanted to be in a video game world less, and not in a good way. Daydreamer’s dystopian world looks, well, boring. Every pre-rendered background looks the same as the level preceding it, and nothing about its design makes you want to explore it. While enemies look creepy and original, the world itself fails to keep that same intrigue throughout the game.

Levels are boring and do not encourage platforming, which is hard to say to a platformer. The floaty controls of the platforming never let you know exactly where your character is going to land, and the warp mechanic that is similar to Mighty Number 9’s dash ability is much more sporadic and uncontrollable.The shooting in that game does not feel good. Light laser bursts shooting out quickly from the protagonist’s gun, while looking cool, does not feel good to shoot. Enemies take little damage when shot, and even when new shooting styles are added into the mix, they all feel the same.

Though the sound design of the game is the worst offender. The generic music that plays throughout the levels loops in an ever boring round of sounds. The lasers and combat follow suit, as the sounds of these weapons sound very repetitive and generic.

Daydreamer: Awakened Edition is not a good game. If I saw a video of this game before playing it, there is nothing there that would make me want to play it. I had more fun playing Mighty Number 9 than I did playing this game, and that is saying something. This game is just so mediocre, lifeless, and overall unappealing, that I would never recommend anyone play this.

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