There Came an Echo Scheduled for Release on PS4

Iridium Games’ Kickstarter-funded game There Came an Echo will be released on the PS4 on May 31, 2016. The game raised $115,569 back in 2013, surpassing its $90,000 goal and was released on Steam in February last year.

There Came an Echo is an RTS where you command a four-man team using voice commands. Although the game also allows for more traditional keyboard and mouse setups as well as offering controller support, the developer has stated that using voice commands is definitely the way to play. In There Came an Echo, players will follow the story of Corrin Webb (Wil Wheaton) a cryptographer who must go on the run and discover what secrets Radial Lock, an unbreakable algorithm he designed, is protecting.

The main feature of There Came an Echo is the voice recognition system used to control units. The game was built from the ground up with voice commands in mind, and to this end, Iridium Games has implemented what they call the “Command Alias” feature, which allows players to customize any of the voice commands however they want (allowing for an almost unlimited number of ridiculous phrases to shout at a computer).

Given that There Came an Echo has been available on Steam for quite some time, there are a wealth of user reviews available about the game. Among the highest rated are negative reviews that criticize the voice control as being finicky at best and borderline unusable at worst. Even the positive reviews often come with caveats warning players about possible issues with voice commands not being understood. Whether these problems have been ironed out in the PS4 version of the game is doubtful, but it is, of course, impossible to know until the game is out.

There Came an Echo will be available for download on PSN and will presumably release for the same price as it did on Steam, $14.99.

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