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Call of Duty – Infinite Dislikes

When Activision released the latest trailer for Infinite Warfare, they were hoping for some big reactions. Two million dislikes later Infinite Warfare was able to get that reaction, just not in the form they were looking for. Call of Duty fans have made their voices heard: “We do not like this.”

While a dislike bar is not a good indicator of what exactly the problem is, Joe Vargas (of the AngryJoeShow YouTube channel) put a voice to this.

He gives a couple of reasons for this outright hatred from his own perspective. Reason number one: they packaged a long awaited reskin of one of their most popular games in an $80 package. Reason number two: every game looks just like the previous release.

The idea is that this game looks similar to old Call of Duty games, an idea that has been around since Modern Warfare 2. Many people state that this is part of the problem, but sales figures state differently. Just last year, Black Ops 3 Generated $550 Million in just 72 hours. This is compared to previous years where Black Ops 2 broke $ 500 million in 24 hours.

Despite the criticism that Activision has been making the same game with a new skin for the past few years, it hasn’t seemed to have any major impact. So we have to ask ourselves why games like this continue to have an insane amount of popularity? Matthew Patrick (@MatPatGT) from The Game Theorists shows us why in a video he released back in 2014 called “Are Gamers Killing Video Games?”

While people wish to admit that they want to see a new and innovative game be released, we really do not know what we want. This can be traced back to a game like Psychonauts, something didn’t sell all too well but ended up being considered a cult classic among fans.

Innovative games may receive the praise that they deserve, but the sales rarely match up.
So the question we bring ourselves back to is this: “does this massive dislike bar indicate that gamers are finally sick and tired of seeing Call of Duty do the same thing again and again?” Given that this is a trailer it is a bit too early to tell if this will make an impact upon sales. Also, until we are able to see some gameplay shots it is hard to tell if we can expect the same old staple to come out of Infinity Ward and Activision.

The final verdict is this: people who aren’t fond of Call of Duty will more than likely not buy this, so don’t be too irritated if the game isn’t up to par. People who have been long term fans of Call of Duty who are tired of this business practice can speak with their wallets. While it is not ideal for you to avoid your favorite game series, this is the one voice you have up against a major company like Infinity Ward. In either case, I’ll just be sitting here watching the house burn.

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