Bloodborne 2: Eldritch Boogaloo

Dark Souls and Bloodborne developer From Software is working on a new PlayStation 4 title for Sony. Rumours suggest it will be Bloodborne 2, the successor to the award-winning PS4 exclusive from 2015. From Software has confirmed that they are working on two JRPG titles for Sony, though Bloodborne Director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, said that the gothic Bloodborne would be remain the only one of its kind in the Souls franchise. Miyazaki stated that “rather than make another sequel,” the new IP will be a “step in a new direction.” This open ended statement leaves From Software’s next game open to rumours and speculation. One such rumour is the use of PlayStation VR.

The uncertainty of From Software’s development schedule begs the question, will the new IP play similarly to their lesser known titles King’s Field or Kuon? Perhaps their next game will continue in the Souls formula. If the rumour of PlayStation VR is to be believed, From Software’s next game may be different from all of their previous releases.

The young VR market has made many studios hesitant in developing for the hardware. It would be logical for the developer to produce a game that has an existing fanbase and profitable sales records as opposed to an IP that diverges from it. Treading new ground with unestablished content may not be the safest route. This would suggest that From Software would rely on the success of the Souls formula as of late. From Software is still preparing for the release of Dark Souls III DLC, so they have not yet moved beyond their popular franchise. We will likely learn more about upcoming PlayStation VR software at E3 in June, and closer to its release in September.

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