BioHazard Getting A Musical In Japan

After the success of the Ghost in The Shell play and the Naruto stage play it looks like Japan is setting its eyes on the next big thing to turn into a musical, Capcom’s BioHazard.

Not much is known about the new play, except that the story will not actually involve any of the original characters from the games, the play is titled ‘BioHazard ~Voice of Gaia’.

The play is set to have it’s first showing in Tokyo, Japan on September 30, 2016 and will run until October 12, 2016. The show returns for a second run in Osaka, Japan from November 11, 2016 to November 16, 2016.

Check out the cast trailer below, the trailer doesn’t show off any of the music from the play or what to expect in the terms of the story, but you will get to see the main cast in costume.

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