Bethesda’s E3 Conference Summary and Liveblog Archive

Bethesda’s second E3 presentation took place on June 12 at 7 PM PT (10 PM ET) and they did their best to outshine their first E3 presentation, which was in 2015, where they talked about DOOM, Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls Online, Battlecry and Dishonored 2. This year we heard about all of those again as well as their first mobile game Fallout Shelter and their upcoming games; Elder Scrolls: Legends, Prey, and Quake Champions.

Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb entertained the crowd as they discussed updates, add-ons, and DLC. Fallout 4 fans learned about the Rube Goldberg-like “contraptions” including elevators, equipment racks,track kits, conveyor belts and sorting machines. They also got to look at “vault tec” which will allow players to build their own vaults and can experiment on dwellers. Additionally, we got a glimpse of the upcoming DLC Nuka-World. Fallout Shelter players will be getting an update that allows dwellers to be sent on quests. Their update also has new enemies, armor, characters and a new combat system. They will also be bringing the game to PC. Additionally, console gamers will see Skyrim Remastered and now will have the ability to install Steam Workshop mods come October 28.

Those who were watching got a look back at what’s happened in a year of The Elder Scrolls Online. We learned that we are expert monster hunters having slain 34 billion of them in the last year. But we’re also dirty criminals who have had to pay 3 billion gold in bounties. Even worse, we have something against the mudcrabs. Players killed 578 million mudcrabs in what we like to refer to here at OmniGamer as “The Mudcrab Genocide”.

Marty Straton, executive producer of DOOM at id Software was shown discussing the future of their recently released Snapmap feature. The tool allows players to create and share levels which they have designed. They plan to add new construction modules, and new props, objects, weapons and items. All updates will remain free to players. They will also be releasing to new modes for multiplayer. One is called Exodus and the other is known as Sector. They are also planning Classic Death Match. A premium DOOM DLC pack Unto the Evil will also be released next month. It includes two new maps called Cataclysm and Ritual as well as a new playable demon called The Harvester.

The conference ended on a particularly high note with the discussion of Dishonored 2‘s gameplay and the release of its gameplay trailer. We learned that we could either play as Emily or as Corvo and both characters come with their own unique sets of skills and varying stories adding to the game’s replayability. Unique skills like shadow crawler, domino, and mesmerize where highlighted. An they discussed how they hope their Void Engine would make Dishonored 2 look like “a painting in motion”. Dishonored 2 is scheduled to release November 11.

It was also announced that DOOM and Fallout 4 will soon work with VR. The staff at Omnigamer would like to thank those who followed our liveblog during the event and for those who were unable to follow along you are invited to check out our archive below. The full footage of the event can also be watched below. After the showcase Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb moved to The Elder Scrolls tavern to carry out some interviews with developers and a performance was given by Blink 182.

Caraline Nelson is OmniGamer’s Editor in Chief. When she is not correcting typos she can be found drawing fanart of the games she is playing.

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