Battleborn Releases First Free DLC Early

2K and Gearbox have today announced, that they will be releasing the next hero for Battleborn a little early then they planned to. They’ve also revealed who the next free hero will be, and announced a limited-time $20-Off promotion for the base game and Digital Deluxe Edition.

Alani is the hero, who will be available early starting today on all platforms for Digital Deluxe owners, Season Pass holders, and folks that played in the PlayStation 4 Open Beta. She will be available for everyone else to unlock for free starting May 31. She is a water-bending warrior monk. The more damage Alani dishes out with her water-based attacks, the more she can heal her allies.

Alani will not be the last DLC character to be added to Battleborn, as 2K has also announced that the second of five free characters will be Pendles. Pendles might just be the weirdest Battleborn yet – he’s a high-top sneaker-wearing snake-man assassin. That is to say, he’s quite literally a cold-blooded killer. No date has been announced for his release.

Finally, as part of Alani Celebration Week, Battleborn is $20-off across all platforms for both the base game and the Digital Deluxe Edition in the 2K Store. From now through Saturday, the Digital Deluxe Edition includes the base game, plus all planned paid DLC in the season pass. If you would like to check out the newest addition to Battleborn, you can look at the trailer below, or visit our Battleborn games page.

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