3 Mobile Games You Need To Play

  Mobile games have notoriously been looked down on in the gaming community. From the amount of bad games in stores to the poorly handled monetization of some free-to-play games, it’s hard to find the good that mobile games have given us. But great games on the mobile platform do exist, and these games deserve their time in the sun. [...]


Pokémon Live Action Movie Announced

Pokémon Company and Legendary Pictures have announced that a live action film based on Detective Pikachu. This announcement comes alongside Legendary Pictures acquiring the film rights to the Pokémon, with production of the film to planned to begin in 2017. Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Team is a 3DS game that came out in Japan in [...]


Xbox One S Release Date Announced

  Microsoft has announced this morning that the Xbox One S will be launching on August 2. The 2TB launch edition will be the only edition available on launch for $399 USD, so those looking for a smaller storage option will have to wait a while longer. If you have yet to pre-order, you can pre-order the 2 TB edition here. Xbox One S [...]


New Overwatch Character, Ana, Announced

  Blizzard has announced the first post-launch character for their popular shooter Overwatch. The character’s name is Ana and she is a new support character who uses a sniper rifle to heal team members. Being the first character released after the game’s launch in May, Ana will make her debut for all players of Overwatch, free [...]


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