Images For BioShock: The Collection Found On The 2K Website

While it appears the HD remake of the Batman: Arkham series will be taking its sweet time getting to us, it appears we now have another re-release to add to our calendar. It would appear 2K Games is planning on letting gamers explore the worlds of BioShock yet again if these new leaked images are true.

While the collection hasn’t officially been announced, 2K Games did let website images of BioShock: The Collection slip  Both images have been taken off the 2K Games website but still sit on their servers. A BioShock Twitter account has also recently sprung into life, further adding to the speculation that we’ll be seeing these games again on current gen consoles and PCs.

BioShock: The Collection

Source: NeoGAF

While it’s hardly the first time leaks regarding this collection have sprung, this is the first the leak has come from 2K themselves. Other images have popped up as well. The company hasn’t made an official announcement regarding the collection – presumably to let the internet rumor mill marinate in excitement for it. It’s expected to contain all three games in the series and possibly even the DLC. If true, many gamers will be anxious to see how both Rapture and Columbia look on current hardware.

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